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Heavy rains wash out playgrounds and ball fields

Heavy rains wash out playgrounds and ball fields

Penn Meadows, Beaver Kreek and Quail Ridge playground surface areas, and the ball fields are washed out due to the heavy rain this week. The parks crew is working to hopefully have them all repaired for the weekend. Thank you for your patience.

Splash Pad Closed

Splash Pad Closed

The Penn Meadows Park splash pad is temporarily closed while the parks department awaits parts. It is expected to open again for the weekend.

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Pool Rules

About Our Rules

The rules for the North Liberty Aquatic Center have been established for the safety of our guests. By enforcing these rules we hope to provide the best swimming experience for everyone using the pool. Please respect both the rules and the staff. Please be aware rules may change as staff members see fit for the public’s safety.

The rules for the North Liberty Aquatic Center have been established for the safety of our guests. By enforcing these rules we hope to provide the best swimming experience for everyone using the pool. Please respect both the rules and the staff. Please be aware rules may change as staff members see fit for the public’s safety.

Swim Lesson Make Up/Refund Policy

  • Monday-Friday Morning Lessons will refund a lesson only if 3 or more classes per session are missed or if the facility is unable to offer lessons.
  • Evening lessons will refund a missed lesson only if the facility is unable to offer the lesson.
  • Private lessons will receive a refund for the missed class only if the facility is unable to offer the lesson.
  • Refunds or make-ups will not be given if the participant is unable to attend a scheduled class.
  • Participants are unable to attend a different day/time or session if they are unable to attend their scheduled class times
  • Request for program/class refunds must be made at least 3 weekdays prior to the first class meeting between the hours of 8AM-5PM.
  • Refunds for health reasons may be considered. Copy of doctor’s note is required.
  • Requests must be made in writing to the Aquatic Director.
  • Any credits may be applied to your NLRC account.
  • Refunds are processed through City Hall and will be mailed to you. Please allow 3-4 weeks.

General Pool Rules

  • The following objects are prohibited from the facility: glass (except prescription glasses), gum, play-pens, hard balls such as racquetballs, tennis balls, footballs, water guns/squirt guns, water cannons, scuba tanks (unless authorized), weight belts, or outside food or drink/ coolers.
  • Water wings, large floating toys and large rafts are not allowed. Noodles and coastguard approved flotation devices are allowed. When in doubt please ask staff.
  • Kickboards and pull buoys are available for patrons actively swimming laps. These items are not to be checked out for use of the general public during open swim.
  • Please be respectful of other patrons. Do not use abusive, offensive, or profane language/gestures. We do have a zero tolerance policy on profane language.
  • The City of North Liberty is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We suggest that valuable and personal items be locked in lockers or not brought to the facility at all. It is also advisable to remove jewelry before coming to the pool and/or before entering the pool. Locks are available for rent at the Recreation Center main desk.
  • Due to the nature of some attractions, lost articles may not be retrievable.
  • Smoking is not permitted on city property.


  • Children must meet the Community Center’s child safety policy to use the pool unsupervised.
  • For the supervision for groups of children the adult to child ratios must follow these guidelines:
    • Infants to Toddlers (0-3yrs) 1 child: 1 adult, within arm’s reach of caregiver, in the water
    • Preschoolers (4-5 yrs)  5 children: 1 adult, within arm’s reach of caregiver, in the water
    • Grade School Ages (6 years and up) 10 children: 1 adult within close proximity, supervising at all times, may be required to be in the water
  • Car seats and strollers are allowed on the pool deck as long as the caregiver remains attentive and is within arm’s reach at all times. Play Pins are not allowed at any time

Diving Board Rules:

  1. To use the deep water areas or diving boards, children must demonstrate the ability to swim two widths of the pool using the front crawl stroke in good form with face in the water and rotary breathing. Lifeguards reserve the right to test any person when deemed necessary for the personal safety of the swimmer. Children may be tested more than one time. If a child has passed the test on a previous visit or earlier in the day they may be asked to repeat the test any time during the day, or next visit to ensure their safety. Deep end test will be performed in the deep end of the indoor pool by down guards.

ANY child under the age of 12 may be required to take a deep end test or any individual with weak swimming skills.

  1. Deep End Bands will be given once a child as passed the test. The band must be worn if the child wishes to go off the board, no exceptions. If the child loses his/her band they must pay $2.00 to the concession stand for a replacement.
  2. Cartwheels, gainers, and non-standard/inward dives are not permitted.
  3. The lifeguards reserve the right to prohibit any individual from performing a dive they feel might endanger the diver or others.
  4. Individuals may not catch children jumping from the board.
  5. Flotation devices or goggles are not permitted when going off the diving board.
  6. Restrict your approach to one bounce on the board.
  7. The fulcrums are locked in place for the safety of the diver. Do not attempt to move the fulcrums.
  8. Do not attempt to throw toys or other items to a patron going off the board.

Lap Swim Rules:

One must be able to complete 300 continuous yards to participate in lap swim or come during designated open swim times.  Adults over the age of 17 may water walk or use aerobic equipment. Water Walking Lanes are reserved for an individual of any age complete continuous aerobic activity.

Pool Attire:

  1. Regulation bathing suits are required in all parts of the pool. Street clothes, gym shorts, cut-off jeans or thong swimming suits are not allowed.
  2. Swim suits, towels, t-shirts and other personal items with logos/words representing nudity, profanity or inappropriate designs/slogans are prohibited.
  3. Swim suits with built-in flotation for younger children are not allowed unless coastguard approved
  4. A t-shirt may be worn for sun protection in areas less than five feet deep with proper swim attire underneath. Polyester-based t-shirts are allowed past 5 feet in the pools/ on slides (no cotton shirts).
  5. Regular diapers are not allowed. Swim diapers are available in the concession stand for $1.
  6. Lifejackets are not allowed in the pool unless coastguard approved, we do have some available for daily use.

Pool Admission:

  1. All patrons entering the facility must pay the appropriate fee or present a valid pool pass at the front desk regardless of intent to swim.
  2. Swimmers are not allowed in the water until a certified North Liberty Lifeguard is on duty.
  3. No persons having any infections, communicable disease, or illness with diarrhea within the last two weeks may use the pool.
  4. North Liberty has the right to refuse service to persons with these conditions or persons who might disrupt patrons, staff and their safety.

Waterslide Rules:

  1. Follow lifeguard instructions.
  2. All users must be at least 48 inches tall, Manufacturer’s Requirements.
  3. Riders must enter the slide in a sitting position and wait for instruction from the guard.
  4. Riders must ride feet first while lying on their back with arms across their chest.
  5. Riders must lie on their backs at all times. Sitting up while riding the slide is not permitted.
  6. Maximum rider weight is 300 pounds.
  7. No combs or foreign objects are allowed in pockets. No jewelry can be worn that would scratch the slides. Swim attire with rivets, buckles, or exposed metal is not permitted on the slides. Only approved swim suits are allowed.
  8. No tubes, mats, or lifejackets are permitted on the water slides.
  9. Riders must be in good health. Individuals with medical conditions including but not limited to pregnancy, heart attack or back problems should not go down the slides.
  10. No diving from the slides.
  11. Leave the plunge pool promptly after entering.
  12. Non-swimmers are not allowed in the plunge pool.
  13. WARNING, Water depth is 3 feet 6 inches.

These are not all of the pool rules of the North Liberty Aquatic Center. For detailed explanation of rules please seek out a pool manager or the Aquatic Supervisor. The North Liberty Aquatic Center has the right to change, modify or add any rules deemed necessary for the public’s safety. Thank you in advance for you cooperation.

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