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Un assaggio di Napoli

Gennaro Rusciano dreamed of opening a restaurant in the United States. After meeting Carol Gorney while she was visiting Italy, that dream started to become a reality. The two talk about their journey opening Rusciano’s Authentic Taste of Napoli and the precise cooking process that make their Neapolitan pizza so delicious. North Liberty is the…

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Geeks, Games, and Social Gatherings

For Josh Karau and Jason Clark of Geek City Games and Comics exploring fantasy worlds is just another day at work. In contrast to its digital counterpart, board gaming culture is built on imagination,  socialization, and as we come to discover there is something for everyone. North Liberty is the headquarters of local media, regional financial…

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Bone-in Pork Butt

Sean Keller is doing work at Mosley’s Barbecue and Provisions and this summer he’s bringing his not-really-Carolina-style barbecue home to North Liberty. We got a preview of where he’ll do his work with hickory, pork, time and a two-ton, custom-built pit. North Liberty is the headquarters of local media, regional financial and national transportation companies and home…

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Painting Outside the Lines

Becky Popelka is doing work at Big Picture Gallery & Studio, a space where everyone can summon their inner van Gogh. She talks about what drew her to the visual arts, what she loves most about teaching children and how she is making art more accessible to the community. North Liberty is the headquarters of local…

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Furniture Factory

 Cindy Knebel is doing work at Revisit Warehouse, a furniture shop she (re)opened this January in North Liberty. She talks about giving up on retail space, why home decor makes her happy and how she’s tackled selling furniture with online/warehouse retail hybrid. North Liberty is the headquarters of local media, regional financial and national transportation…

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