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School Starts on Thursday. Be Prepared and Patient.

School Starts on Thursday. Be Prepared and Patient.

The first day of school throughout North Liberty is Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018. A little preparation — and patience — will go a long way to kids getting to school safely. Give yourself extra time to commute, go slow and be kind. Learn more.

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13 life hacks for North Libertarians

1. If you miss a FedEx delivery that requires a signature, you can arrange for it to be held at Walgreens until you can pick it up.

Seriously! Just redirect your package online and you can avoid having to drive up to Cedar Rapids.

2. Gasby’s will sell you basic groceries, yard bags, garbage stickers and more at the drive-thru window.

That’s right, you can pick up some necessities while the kids are asleep in the car seat.

3. You can check out more than just books from the North Liberty Community Library. You can borrow air quality monitors, bike locks, cake pans, and pick up free seeds for your home garden. They’ll even let you donate food to the North Liberty Community Pantry in lieu of paying a late fee.

Say, what???

4. Writing your address on your garbage and recycling bins makes it a lot easier to find them on windy Wednesday.

We know, we know, it’s no fun chasing down a bin at the end of the day. We’re exploring other receptacle options. And speaking of recycling, you are welcome to have multiple recycling bins. They are available for $8 each at City Hall.

5. Summer Lunch & Fun provides a free lunch to children weekdays in June, July and August, followed by a planned activity to burn off that midday energy. It all takes place on the front lawn of the Ranshaw House.

The program is always looking for volunteers! Let organizers know if you are interested here.

6. You can get rid of unwanted home appliances, brush and tree limbs, car and truck batteries and tires, metal and car parts, and bulky items such as furniture at North Liberty’s Annual Spring Cleanup Day.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 28, 2018, to bring items to the Public Works Facility located at 620 Calvin Street from 7 to 11 a.m. The event is always the last Saturday in April.

7. Residents can walk the Community Center’s indoor track for free! Strollers are welcome, too.

Just pick up a free pass at the recreation front desk.

8. Interested in food delivery? Grubhub and CHOMP deliver to North Liberty.

Don’t forget that nearby grocery stores deliver, too.

9. If you’re new to the area, you need to know that the registration open date for recreation programs is THE registration date for many programs. Seriously, it’s like Black Friday at the Community Center. For residents, summer program registration begins April 2 and fall program registration is Aug. 6, 2018.

Map out the programs you want to sign up for in advance and be at your computer or at the rec center front desk at 6 a.m. on registration day if you want your kid in swimming lessons. According to the 2015 special census, 26% of our population is under 14 years old, so spots fill up fast.

10. You can renew or replace your driver’s license or ID card at the North Liberty Community Library.

There is an Iowa DOT kiosk across from the library’s front desk. For more information on how the kiosk works or to find out if you are eligible visit the Iowa DOT’s site.

11. The Buy Nothing North Liberty/Solon Facebook group is a GEM!

Gift or receive everything from furniture to clothing instead of buying new. We’d also be remiss not to mention annual North Liberty Garage Sale Days, set for June 7-9, 2018.

12. Traffic tip: Jones Boulevard and Front Street stretch the length of town and are a good option to avoid Ranshaw Way during peak travel times.

Just make sure you follow the speed limits, please.

13. Keep up to date with city happenings by following the City of North Liberty on Facebook, Twitter, and signing up for email alerts.

The North Liberty Mamas Facebook group often has the inside scoop, too!

Special thanks to feedback provided in the North Liberty Mamas Facebook group to help make this list. What other hacks can we add? Let us know at

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