Speed limits on North Liberty Road and Dubuque Street updated

The current speed limits are shown on the left, with the new limits on the right. As development and conditions change, the city will revisit the speed limits in this area.

The City Council unanimously approved changes to speed limits on Dubuque Street and North Liberty Road, following recommendations from the Metropolitan Planning Organization of Johnson County, at its Jan. 23, 2018, meeting. This change eliminates the 50 miles-per-hour limit on Dubuque Street, and adds a 45 miles-per-hour zone north of Salm Drive to near city limits on North Liberty Road.

The MPOJC, which offers support for transportation planning among other services to agencies in Johnson County, conducted a study and offered recommendations in May 2016 based on the conditions at the time. These initial recommendations were reviewed once Liberty High School opened and paving of North Liberty Road was complete. The MPOJC report, as well as comments from staff, are available here.

The changes are effective immediately.

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