Repairs underway to fix force sewer main

At 9 a.m. on Nov. 1, North Liberty Streets Department staff found that the sanitary force sewer main on North Liberty Road, south of Salm Drive, was broken by a private contractor. The private contractor, Swick Cable Contractors, Inc, had bored through the force main sometime on Friday, Oct. 27.

Between the time the contractor drilled into the main and the time staff shut down the force main, approximately 2,600 gallons of raw sewage were pumped on the ground near the intersection of North Liberty Road and Salm Drive.

City staff contacted the affected the single property owner and their tenant, and a contractor is currently making repairs to the pipe so the lift station can be turned back on. Repairs should be completed today.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resource was notified and all proper tests, protocols and procedures are being taken as required by the Iowa DNR, which recommended, but did not require, this a public notice.

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