Welcome to Ranshaw Way

The late Mayor Tom Salm expressed a desire to rename Highway 965 to something better representing its transition from an old state highway to a vital community corridor. Today, the road that hasn’t been a state highway for decades, was dedicated Ranshaw Way with local business leaders, city officials and descendant of Emma and Samuel Ranshaw in attendance.

The name Ranshaw honors North Liberty’s history, using a name from our town’s past; but it also reflects our self-identity as a forward-thinking community: the Ranshaws’ home had indoor plumbing with hot and cold taps, gas lighting, softened water and other amenities before such innovations were common place. The home, built in 1908 and on the National Historic Register, still stands just north of the Community Center.

While the honorary renaming won’t require any change in mailing addresses, we hope members of the community use the name Ranshaw Way and encourage its adoption among others.

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