Police report for January 2017

Traffic Contacts: 435
Parking Contacts: 33
Vehicle Inspections: 32
Vehicle Unlocks: 23
Crash Investigations: 23
Public Assists: 324
Assist Other Agency: 109
Crimes Against Persons Report: 6
Crimes Against Property Report: 25
Other Reports: 33
Arrests: 32
Warrants: 7
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 23
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 2
Crimes Against Property Charges: 5
Other Charges: 15
Animal Calls: 28
Total Calls for Service: 2,011
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 2,036


  • All officers attended annual Multi-Agency Training (MATS) for 2 days in a five week time span. Topics included CPR, bloodborne pathogens, Haz Mat, County Attorney’s law update, mandatory reporting, fair and impartial policing, Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) and Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) (21 X 16 hours = 336 hours)
  • A new Sergeant attended a seminar for making the transition from employee to first line supervisor. (8 hours)
  • Bomb Squad and dive team training was attended.
  • Supervisors attended a 2 hour training for substance abuse reporting. This was a requirement for the City (10 hours).
  • One officer attended the salvage vehicle inspector training. (8 hours)
  • An administrative assistant attended TAC training from the State for technical agency support when it comes to CJIS records (4 hours).

Public Relations:

  • The department collected and donated food for the city wide Severson Challenge.
  • Planned, promoted and accepted donations for our Freezin for a Reason event on Feb 5th. This is a fundraising event where people will be jumping into a North Liberty pond to raise money for our K9 program. Money was raised prior to the event in the amount of $2400. SYNCere printings helped create the bags, logo and put the sponsors on the t-shirts. The sponsors were: UICCU, Great Western Bank, Spotix, and NL Fire. To participate, people registered online and pledged $100 to take the plunge. We continue to appreciate the support for this program.
  • Received a $225 donation from Heritage Christian School for the K-9 program from their faculty and staff.


  • New patrol vehicle 203 was outfitted and is ready to be put into service. This is a 2017 Ford SUV.


  • Officers responded and investigated a shooting that happened in Golfview mobile home court. The victim sustained a gunshot wound to his leg. The reporting party was charged with weapon offenses and filing a false report.
  • Annual tobacco compliance checks were completed on all locations that sell tobacco products. All stores except one (LD Express) verified the age of the minor and did not sell to him.  The clerk that did sell to the 17 year old received a citation.  The city will receive money back from the State for departments who conduct these compliance checks locally.

Department Admin:

  • Supervisors and some of the officers were moved around for the annual bid shift that takes place in January.
  • Completed first reporting requirement for the BWC grant. We have selected the hardware and will move forward in collecting the matching funds to continue with the grant cycle.
  • Officers were given the opportunity to voluntarily complete the pre-hiring physical fitness test. The test consists of a timed run, sit-ups, push-ups and a flexibility portion. This is an incentive program where participating officers can receive two hours of overtime if they finish in their age bracket. If they complete the testing in the age bracket below their actual age it is doubled to 4 hours. We do this in January and July. We had two officers accept this challenge and complete the testing.
  • The department continues to work on Lexipol policy updates and migration. Several officers and supervisors are involved in this process.
  • The department is also reviewing security protocols for our computers and access to the State databases. This is completed in a NCIC security audit every three years. We are working with our vendor and IT consultants, to see if we can do more.  This will come with some discussion and planning for future security protocols.
  • A new mapping system was put in place to for quicker response times, areas assigned for calls for service, and assigning an area of responsibility for each patrol officer. This is larger in response to adding the Liberty High School area and development.  We are practicing the area assignments with officers and JECC before the school opens. This also helps with Community Policing initiatives in each area.
  • Continue to work on the 2016 annual report that will be released in the few months to document our history and activity for 2016.
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