Police report for October 2016

Traffic Contacts: 352
Parking Contacts: 32
Vehicle Inspections: 34
Vehicle Unlocks: 30
Crash Investigations: 18
Public Assists: 81
Assist Other Agency: 84
Crimes Against Persons Report: 5
Crimes Against Property Report: 25
Other Reports: 21
Arrests: 28
Warrants : 0
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 20
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 2
Crimes Against Property Charges: 5
Other Charges: 9
Animal Calls: 24
Total Calls for Service: 2014
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 17,529


  • Officer Eric Kapfer is continuing his training at the Cedar Rapids Regional Training Academy.
  • An officer attended a conference for investigators. Topics included online and open source investigations, cyber tips, and interviewing sex offenders (20 hours) in Des Moines.
  • Officers completed the bi-annual night qualification for handgun and rifle (8 hours X21= 168 hours)
  • Two officers attended a weeklong Basic Crime Investigation Scene School (80 hours)
  • An officer attended a defensive tactics and tactical handcuffing school in Des Moines. (24 hours)
  • A firearms instructor attended a Shield Instructor School in Marshalltown (24 hours)
  • A Standardized Field Sobriety Instructor (SFST) attended a re-certification training course at the JECC (8 hours).
  • Officer attended bomb squad training (8 hours)
  • Chief attended a 2.5 day training session in Nevada on the legal aspects of Discipline, Internal Affairs investigations and audits of complaints and internal operations. (20 hours)

Public Relations:

  • Officers continued safety presentations, completed a K9 video, and sold T-shirts during the month at the Colony Pumpkin Patch.
  • Officer Chuck, Officer Travis and Alisha participated in the Snapchat Employee Takeover for City Week.
  • On duty officers attended the City’s annual tailgate celebration.
  • The Department partnered up with McDonalds’s to host the National Coffee with a Cop Day. Officers met community members in the dining area and served customers at the drive through.
  • Officers attended the Trunk or Treating event at the North Liberty Library. Over 400 kids came through dressed in their costumes.
  • National Prescription Drug take back was held again on October 22nd. NLPD collected over 70 pounds of prescription and over the counter medication.
  • Officer Chuck presented empathy training for 6th graders at Van Allen.


  • The department received 18 plastic riot control shields from the Johnson County EMA through the GSA program. We did not have shields and the only cost was the shipping.


  • Officers responded to three robbery types calls this month. One involved a business, one in a home (both suspects were caught) and one when an individual was walking down the street. Follow up continues on two of the reported robberies.

Department Admin:

  • Spence Madole was released from the Field Training program and assigned to solo patrol.
  • Budget planning and departmental needs are still being considered for FY2018.
  • Sergeant Tyson Landsgard was promoted to Lieutenant. He will start on his duties and we will backfill the Sergeant position.
  • The Department completed Sergeant Interviews with the help from other department heads, other officers and supervisors. Rueben Ross was selected and will take over the Sergeant responsibilities in January. The process has started to replace the investigator assignment.
  • Request for nomination went out to all officers for the Officer of the Year award.
  • An executive summary and the results were published from the September community survey.
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