North Liberty looks for solar power

In a new sustainability initiative, the City of North Liberty is hoping solar power can provide at least 60 percent — but ideally 80 percent or more — of the electricity needed for a pair of city facilities.
The city will assess proposals for both the North Liberty Fire Station and Streets and Parks departments’ campus, looking for what provides the best return on investment and requires the least maintenance, and can offer access to a service and maintenance team. The city would also like a new system to offer a monitoring system that allows the public to view data from installations online, similar to Johnson County’s web dashboard.
In a pair of requests for proposals, the city outlined its desires for the pair of installations. Proposals are due by 10 a.m. on Friday, April 29, and require site visits by the proposing vendors. Interested vendors can download the RFPs for the North Liberty Fire Station and the Streets and Parks department’s campus for details.

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