North Liberty Recreation Trail nearing completion

The project to rebuild and resurface the North Liberty Recreation Trail, which runs from Penn Street to Forevergreen Road, started slowly. Wet conditions make it difficult to bring in the heavy equipment needed to remove and replace a section of regularly flooded trail near Muddy Creek. The slow start required an adjustment to our plan of working only in a small segment at a time.
However, contractor LL Pelling is nearing completion of the project, and we expect it to fully reopen before the start of school on Aug. 24.
The rebuilding and resurfacing of the trail is complete. However, several concrete sidewalk connections remain to be repoured, and soil and signs need to be put back into place. These remaining pieces will require heavy equipment on the trail, making it potentially dangerous to walkers, runner, bicyclists and others, so segments are expected to remain closed until the work is complete.

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