Project update for March 30, 2015

Overview for March 23 to March 27

  • Langman finished tree removals and chipped the trees that were removed.
  • Wood chips were spread as mulch for erosion control on the project.
  • Pre-pipe installation silt fence was installed throughout the project.
  • Langman healed up some soft areas on Naples Avenue that were likely created from the thawing of “frost lenses” under the roadway. Langman also installed new culvert pipes to replace an existing cattle crossing on Naples Avenue.

What to expect from March 30 to April 3:

  1. Langman will begin stockpiling pipe, aggregate and other materials to be used for the installation of sanitary sewer near the waste water treatment plant.
  2. As time permits, Langman will begin installation of sanitary sewer pipe, beginning at the plant.
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