Police respond to reports of dog abuse

In January, North Liberty police responded to reports of dog abuse at a local residence. The responding officer talked to the accused juvenile and to witnesses. One witness claimed to have the abuse on video, but was unable to provide video. The witness declined to make a statement. The officer was allowed inside the home to look and examine the animal. The officer did not observe any injuries or witness any pain from the dog consistent with alleged abuse during his immediate investigation.
Another witness provided a statement later and a third witness called in and advised she did not think the animal was abused.
During the investigation, the resident revealed they had a deceased dog in their garage. An explanation was provided that the dog got sick, transported to the vet clinic and died. A veterinarian confirmed the details and did not suspect abuse. The vet believed the death was likely due to the disease parvo based on the information provided.
The dog owner was served a citation, which requires the owner to take the dog to a veterinarian for rabies prevention and licensing.
Animal abuse and neglect are illegal, and the North Liberty police will enforce the law.
As with any crime, police officers are constrained by due process, a fundamental piece of our criminal justice system, and must have evidence to file criminal charges. Residents can help by first reporting abuse to dispatch at (319) 356-6800, or 9-1-1 in an emergency, and then be willing to testify in court.

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