Highway 965 and Scales Bend Road

Comment: Is there a link to the plans for Highway 965 improvements, specifically what Scales Bend Road and Highway 965 will look like when completed?
The current work, widening Highway 965 from Penn Street to Community Drive and from Zeller Drive to Fairview Lane, is a smaller part (“Phase 2A”) of larger planned improvements to Highway 965 (“Phase 2”). The Pheasant Lane extension, completed in September, was necessary to allow reasonable traffic detours during the Highway 965 Phase 2 construction next year.
We don’t yet have completed designs for Highway 965 Phase 2, but will before it goes out to bid, which is expected to happen this fall. Phase 2 work will flatten Highway 965’s banking where it meets Scales Bend Road, add turn lanes and traffic signals at the Highway 965 and Scales Bend Road intersection, and widen the highway from Scales Bend Road to Penn Street.
An overview of the project can be downloaded as a 4-page PDF.

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