Terry Donahue – City Council Candidate

Citizens of North Liberty:
First , I must thank  the citizens for the privilege and honor in allowing me to serve  this community as a City Councilor for the past 4 years.
Over this period of time, we have seen a community grow into a small city of 13,000+ persons. We have seen drastic changes in our current economic  state of affairs that effect the essence of our daily life, not only in this city, but the nation in general.  Our  issues of yesterday are certainly not the issues of today.  With that, persons who serve in public offices, must be flexible and adapt to these changes in order to successfully serve all who live here.
My goals in order to accomplish this objective are:
First and foremost, be a strong steward of taxpayers’ money to sustain  city services at the most affordable cost,
Promote and build productive public-private relationships to insure the growth of North Liberty,
Support local small business/professional services development and find ways to assist them,
Continue to critically review housing needs in order to provide what is needed by persons who want to live here,
Engage the public in short and long-term strategic planning and problem solving,
Work to continually develop North Liberty as a family-friendly community.
You have had a chance to see and hear my voting record on numerous  issues as they have come before council.  I would ask that you take into consideration my straight-forward attitude in doing the city’s business in addressing  the needs of our citizens and community.
Finally, I ask you for your continued support in the up-coming city election.
Thank you,
Terry L. Donahue

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  1. Dear Terry – I wanted to thank you so much for the very kind words you said at the groundbreaking for the new elementary school. I was very touched by what you said. I can’t begin to explain how honored I am to have my name on that school. As I said at the ceremony, I think giving children a great education is the most precious gift we can give them.

    And I am thrilled at the location of the school since I lived just over the hill on Quarry Heights Lane for 32 years … and I loved it there, so North Liberty is very special to me.


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