Matt Zacek – City Council Candidate

My name is Matt Zacek and I am running for North Liberty City Council.  I am not running out of any feelings that the current council is necessarily doing a bad job. On the contrary, I think the council, Mayor, and City Manager have accomplished a lot in managing the growth of our city.  I am running because all of my life I have felt an obligation to serve.  Beginning on my 17th birthday, I served our country in the US Army.   Since then I have served on various nonprofit boards and volunteer groups, most recently with the March of Dimes and the Iowa City Elks.
I do feel we need to focus on some key areas as we continue to grow.
We need to make sure we do the right things to support our continued growth in the areas of infrastructure, specifically the police, fire and transportation departments.  I think there were some opportunities missed in the recent study on transportation that was presented to the council.
We also need to make sure we are attracting a diverse business group.  I think we need to do everything we can to attract more retail shopping to the many strip malls that are currently under construction.  It is great that we have so much service industry in our city, but we need some diversity to give all our citizens the ability to shop locally for all their needs.
I enjoy living in the North Liberty community and now it’s time for me to step forward and help make North Liberty an even better place to shop, work and live.
Please feel free to email me ( ) your thoughts and concerns about how we can continue to grow North Liberty together.

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