Coleen Chipman – City Council Candidate

Candidate statement for Coleen Chipman
Looking back four years ago when I first ran for city council, there were three issues that I felt were critical, making Highway 965  safe and accessible, addressing our infrastructure needs, and tabulating our housing inventory.
In those four years, we have completed phase I of the master plan for Hwy 965.   We added turning lanes at all of the major intersections.  The next project will be updating the Scales Bend Road Intersection with a combination of city and federal funds.
Infrastructure needs have been addressed by moving the city offices to the Epley Building off 965, which allowed the Police Department to move into the old city building.  The Firefighters have remodeled the old Police Department space and the Parks and Recreation Department built a new shop.
The Council held joint meetings with City Staff and Planning and Zoning.  We looked at the current number of housing units, what is zoned and approved for single family and multifamily, and updated zoning in several areas of town.
If  re-elected, I support the planning, designing, and completing (as funding allows)  965 all the way through North Liberty.  I will follow through on capital improvement projects such as the Library addition and completing the Streets Department expansion.  I will see the annexation issue between North Liberty and Coralville resolved in a way that is best for North Liberty for the present and the future.
Four years ago, I stated that I have a vision of what North Liberty should be in 20, 30 years and that still holds true today.  I believe in making decisions for what is best for ALL of North Liberty, not just the area I live in.     Please vote for me in the upcoming city election on November 8th.

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