Chris Hoffman – City Council Candidate

Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read my candidate statement.  For those of you I haven’t met yet, my wife and I moved to North Liberty in 2002, and I have been serving as one of your five at-large councilors since 2007.
The past four years have gone by very quickly, and we have achieved a great deal as a city.  Being a part of North Liberty’s history as a city councilor has been, in a word, awesome.
What started for me in 2007 as an opportunity to lend guidance and leadership in the development of our growing community has turned into a desire to nurture that same growth on a focused, and at times, difficult, trajectory.
If you have raised a teenager, (I think that experience may describe the amount of change our community is experiencing and the importance of patience) thoughtful dialogue and respectful discord are required to make good decisions.  While I haven’t yet raised a teenager (my oldest is 4 and her sister was just born in August), I believe my record of consistency and patience has benefited North Liberty and helped it become a community you are proud to live in and be a part of.
Like the growth of children into adults, and more specifically our community’s amazing growth, there will be many more opportunities and challenges.  I hope you are as excited about North Liberty’s future as I am.  I hope, too, that you will take time in the coming weeks to listen, discuss, and participate in this upcoming election.
It has been a privilege serving as one of your five at-large city councilors.  I feel fortunate to have earned your support four years ago and, with your vote, I look forward to helping shape our next four years

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