I want to volunteer!

Why be on the North Liberty Blues & BBQ planning committee?

(For a PDF version of the below text, check out Why be on the North Liberty Blues planning committee?)

  • It’s fun. We laugh, we joke, we laugh some more. It’s a good time not only AT the event, but DURING the planning meetings. Actually, it’s not an event – it’s a PARTY.
  • Get involved in the community. North Liberty Community Betterment is a nonprofit group dedicated to improving and highlighting North Liberty. Thus – betterment (duh). It’s this nonprofit that oversees the coordination of Blues & BBQ.
  • Everybody’s doin’ it. The committee consists of various representatives from the area: business associates, residents, commissioners, city staff representatives and other names for cool people in North Liberty.
  • We get awards. In 2011 we were recognized as Attraction of the Year by the Iowa City/Coralville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. In 2012, we received the Governor’s Volunteer Group Award. Put these feathers in your cap. Not to brag or nothin’, but we are awesome-sauce.

Okay, the perks are all there, but what do I do? What's the commitment?

  • The Blues committee has various areas of planning. You name it and we have a coordinator for it: from the volunteers to the games to the marketing to the fundraising to the fireworks to the setup to the beverage garden…you get the idea.
  • Typically, the committee members each have an area they oversee. These sub-committees are the meat and potatoes of our little BBQ party. (Get it? Meat…BBQ...’cause it’s our name and...I laughed anyway.) Some people have been on the same sub-committee since the inception of the party, some have bounced around. What’s your specialty? What would you like to do? You tell us and we’ll find a place for you.
  • Planning for North Liberty Blues & BBQ begins in the fall. “Why so early?” you ask. We used to start after the New Year, but potential sponsors and donors told us, “If only you got in touch with us this autumn, we could have helped out. Unfortunately, all of our resources and budgets are called for.” So, we decided that we would call ‘em in the fall. That’s also the time we discuss the plans for the upcoming celebration; usually one of the co-chairs meet with individual sub-committees over lunch (November-ish). Then, there’s an introductory planning committee meeting with everyone before the New Year. When the calendar flips the year, the planning committee meets on a monthly basis for approximately two hours. These meetings are held during the workday, usually after lunch. As the party gets closer, the meetings are every couple of weeks. By mid-May, we meet every week. For the 2012 festival, planning committee meetings were held November 9, February 3, March 2, April 13, May 3, May 18 and May 25.
  • Outside of the monthly meetings, subcommittee members spend approximately 10 hours per month coordinating their area. We ain’t just the chefs – we’re the cooks. (Get it? With the bad pun again?) We plan it and we execute it. Of course, as the celebration gets closer, so does the commitment. The party is BY the community FOR the community.

I'm interested, what's the next step?

  • Contact North Liberty Blues & BBQ planning committee at bluesandbbq@northlibertyiowa.org or call 319-626-5726. One of the co-chairs will talk to you about the party, the committee and what you can do.